Erosion Control Blankets

Erosion Control Blanket
Erosion Control Blanket

Erosion control blankets are effective at controlling erosion on slopes and stabilizing soils long enough for revegetation seedings to establish on the site. These blankets are designed to be used on gradual to steep slopes, with low to high velocity flow channels, and are available for both short term biodegradable applications, and long-term soil stabilization.

Installation of erosion control blankets is simple, and most effective where the soil surface has been properly prepared to provide a smooth surface.

Natural fiber netting offers advantages such as complete biodegradability and a woven net matrix which allows the strands to float independently of each other to reduce the risk of tenting and wildlife endangerment. Blankets may be single netted or double netted for longer lasting protection. Biodegradable blankets are available in certified weed-free straw, straw/coir, and 100% coir (coconut fiber).

For short-term protection, straw blankets are recommended for moderate slopes and areas requiring protection for a relatively short period of time. Straw/coir blankets provide effective erosion control on steeper slopes, low flow channels, and areas where protection is needed for more than one growing season. The functional life of straw/coir blankets is approximately a year and half.

Blankets made from 100% coir fiber are the most durable. Functional for 24 months or more, they may be used on steep slopes and in moderate flow channels.

Similar to the blankets described above, but made with a U.V. stabilized polypropylene netting, the photodegradable blankets have a slightly longer functional life. As above, these blankets are available with single or double netting, and may be made with all certified weed-free straw, or a straw/coir combination, or 100% coir fiber.

Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRM)

Turf reinforcement mats (TRM), whether synthetic or natural, complement vegetation to provide long-term stability in high velocity channels. TRMs may be used instead of rock or concrete lining in channels as a permanent erosion protection with a vegetated end result.

Installed under a layer of backfill material, these provide permanent stability in channels and high runoff areas. Well-designed mats do not interfere with soil percolation and water absorption, while providing high tensile strength against the action of moving water, and a firm anchor for plant roots. Synthetic mats are proven to provide twice the erosion protection of unreinforced vegetation.

Woven coir (coconut fiber) matting is available in various densities for 100% biodegradable control of steep slopes and high velocity flow channels. Naturally resistant to mold and rot, with a high tensile strength, coir mats are effective for 4 to 8 years. A natural appearance, mulch-like properties, and complete degradability make this desirable wherever aesthetics are important.